Xarxa FP Mobility Impact Study

Youth unemployment rate is still very high in the EU (14,9%, 2018), doubling the overall unemployment rate and with peaks of more than 30% in several countries. High youth unemployment co-exists sometimes with increased difficulties in filling vacancies. VET plays a crucial role in equipping young people with the right vocational skills to meet labour market demand needs.

Since 2010 Xarxa FP has arranged almost 3000 work placements for VET students. The aim of this study is to analyse the effects of mobility on the employability, career prospects and competences of Xarxa FP students. The study is based on an online survey distributed among students taking part in mobility actions since 2012. It is the only one of its kind focusing on VET students at the European level.

The first edition of the study was launched on 2017 and the second in February 2019.

Xarxa FP Mobility Impact Study 2014-2018

Xarxa FP Mobility Impact Study 2014 2018


Xarxa FP Mobility Impact Study 2012-2015