XARXA FP Secretariat

Xarxa FP’s headquarters are located in Barcelona, which is currently headed by Mr Jordi Castillo, Secretary General.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest body of the association and gathers all Representatives and Mobility Managers of each city of the network. The General Assembly meeting is held annually in a member city and its main function is to make and vote for the decisions related to the network.

The next General Assembly will take place in Prague on February 2022.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed by the Secretary General and 7 representatives of the member cities, including the cities where both the Presidency and Treasury are located.The executive committee meets at least two times a year and oversees our annual work programme, internal rules and budget, as approved by the General Assembly.

The current Executive Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Ms María Jesús Cervero, Municipality of Munich (President)
  • Mr Jordi Castillo, Xarxa FP Secretary General (Secretary General)
  • Mr Massimiliano Ostuni, Municipality of Rome (Treasurer)
  • Ms Neus Pons, Manager and Director of Fundació BCN Formació Professional –  Municipality of Barcelona
  • Mr Erkki Jäasko, Senior Advisor at Rovaniemi Municipal Federation
  • Ms Päivi Korhonen, Director at OMNIA – City of Espoo
  • Mr Philippe Marchal, Mairie de Toulouse – Toulouse Métropole
  • Mr Alberto Belda, Municipality of Alcoi

Mobility Managers

The Mobility Managers are the sign of identity of Xarxa FP. They are designated by each city member and have the following responsibilities:

  • To be responsible of all incoming and outgoing mobilities managed between the sending and the hosting city.
  • To liaise with VET schools and organisations of their own city willing to participate in international mobilities and international projects with Xarxa FP members.
  • To find companies in their cities for workplacements according to the needs and preferences of the incoming apprentices.
  • To facilitate accommodation for incoming apprentices.
  • To introduce apprentices into the national and local culture.
  • To manage the workplacements in companies with the collaboration of other organizations involved in VET.
  • To monitor and evaluate the stays of the apprentices.
  • To manage the overall documentation required for the work placement.

Xarxa FP organigramme final