VET Innovation

innovationvetXarxa FP promotes strategic partnerships at the European level in the field of VET according to its members’ priorities and explores the opportunities that the internationalisation of VET offers in terms of innovation and exchange of knowledge and good practices.

Projects currently under development include:


Industrial VET Hub


The Industrial VET Hub project is a transnational and sustainable parnership to exchange good practices and implement strategic recommendations to tackle both the industrial skills mismatch and the industrial gender imbalances at school and industrial sector.

The project is based on the cooperation of international partners form Nothern (Germany), Central (Germany), Eastern (Estonia) and Southern (Spain) Europe to address these challenges by means of coping them with European VET systems of quality, which is the key education sector in which youngsters, and specially females, will gain the specific skills demanded by the industrial companies.

You can visit the project’s website for more information and follow @IndustrialVETH2 for the latest updates.

Port VET Hub

port vet hub

The general objective of the Port VET Hub is to build a sustainable transnational VET-port business cooperation to foster and adapt VET education to the port specializations and demanded skills according to the new trends of the port sector in Europe.

The project partners include ports of Europe in the Atlantic (Lisbon, PT), Mediterranean (Barcelona, ES), Baltic (Ventspils, LV) and Back Seas (Constanta, RO) in particular, with the common aim to put VET education right in the centre of the future port scenario to play a key role in enabling current and future employees to adapt to the port work trends of tomorrow in terms of attracting talent well adapted to new jobs, new competences and new hiring prospects within the sector.

You can visit the project’s website for more information and follow @PortVETHub for the latest updates.

The personalized competence based learning paths for VET (PE-LE)


The aim of this KA2 Erasmus Plus project is to strengthen competence-based vocational education and training students’ international study paths in Europe.

The project is coordinated by Lapland Education Centre (Rovaniemi, Finland) and counts with the participation of Anderstorpsgymnasiet (Skelleftea, Sweden), Tartu Vocational Education Centre (Tartu, Estonia), Berufskolleg an der Lindenstraße Köln (Cologne, Germany), Institut Escola del Trebal (Barcelona, Spain) and Xarxa FP as Dissemination partner.

You can find all the information in the project’s website.