Xarxa FP strategic plan 2016-2020 sets out the network’s main priorities and objectives to be developed in the upcoming years in order to become a reference organisation within the area of European VET mobility and innovation in line with the EU’s strategic priorities.

Improve the quality and quantity of VET MOBILITY

Mobility of VET students and teachers has been Xarxa FP’s cornerstone since the network was created in 1999. Every year around 500 young European students and hundreds of VET teachers participate in mobility training actions. Building on our experience and expertise, the network works towards the excellence on the management of VET mobility projects.

Stimulate and promote VET INNOVATION

Supporting cooperation for innovation has always been at the core of Xarxa FP’s vision. The network promotes the exchange of knowledge and good practices in the field of VET and develops innovative pilot actions and projects among member cities.

Contribute to the design of EU VET POLICIES

In the recent years EU cooperation in VET policies has been strengthened in the framework of the Copenhagen process / Bruges Communiqué and more recently with the adoption of the so-called Riga conclusions, which set five key priorities to further improve VET systems for the period 2015 to 2020. Xarxa FP, as the only existing European network of cities working on VET mobility and innovation, contributes with its expertise to the design of EU education policies.


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