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Last month students from Alcoi, Madrid and Barcelona participated in Basic VET Project: internships in Europe. Students from several sectors as mechanics, hairdressing, electricity, administration, IT…had an opportunity to be abroad for 15 days doing an internship program in companies and VET schools in Lisboa, Munich and Toulouse.

This experience was enriching for them as for the accompany persons, Basic VET teacher and Xarxa FP members. They had a complete and intense internship program and cultural activities’ through the whole stay. One of the things to remark was they have been learning how to work in another country, soaking in different languages and cultures.

There’s been a challenge for them, especially dealing with new realities and responsibilities that they had to face, also the co-living with the rest of the participants in the accommodations.

As an add value we could say that they developed and economic independence, solidarity and diverse culture awareness. With this experience, we’d like to encourage the participants to keep studying and having an international experience for their future.

We’d like to appreciate and congratulate all the members of Xarxa FP from Toulouse, Munich and Lisboa involved in this project and schools participating from the very beginning.


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