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Last 15th of September a Delegation from Xarxa FP Berlin visited the Secretariat General as part of their project “Care and Guidance Systems in Vocational Education and Training Project” or CARE4VET. The project’s aim is to offer tools to VET professionals about career orientation, in-class prevention of violence, crisis intervention and early school leaving, as well as to train participants with necessary methods to face these problems.

CARE4VET’s study visit and training course are taking place from the 15th to the 23rd of September in the city of Banyoles. On the 15th, the Delegation firstly visited the Secretariat General of Xarxa FP for an initial presentation on the Spanish education and VET system. Later, some representatives of the Direction of School Innovation from Barcelona Education Consortium ( introduced the Barcelona Youth Programme, the Education Plan of Ciutat Vella’s District for premature school drop-out measures and the Methodology of the Curricular Diversification Programme, stressing the work placement apprenticeships’ experiences and the Diversification Workshop at Nou Barris District.

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