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SIL is an International congress of Logistics, Transport and Supply organized by Barcelona. This year, the city is planning to hold a round table, along with our partner colleagues Barcelona VET Foundation, Xarxa FP and Bertelsmann Foundation, to discuss training and professional qualifications needed for the logistics sector in Europe and how VET education is responding to the future demands.

This conference will address Vocational Training linked to logistics from different perspectives. In recent years, this type of training has positioned itself as a resource that provides adequate responses to the needs for talent and qualified professionals in the sector. This session, therefore, will talk about

1) the main professional profiles and trends required in the sector

2) examples and good practices in the implementation of Vocational Training in the sector

3) international examples of how talent attraction is managed.

This conference took place the 2nd of June 2022

The presentation is available in Spanish here : SIL 2022 – Global Partners – Dual Vocational Training (16 – 17 h) – YouTube

For more information, visit SIL BARCELONA – Salón Internacional de la logística y de la Manutención de Barcelona (


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