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The Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from 1 January to 30 June 2016. It wants a Union that focuses on the essentials, creates growth and jobs through innovation, and connects with civil society.

Even though there is little European legislation governing education and youth, as member states mainly deal with these areas themselves, the Dutch EU Presidency will facilitate cooperation and the exchange of information and experience.


During its EU Presidency, the Netherlands will focus on the following issues when it comes to education and youth:

  • How can we better align the education system with the labour market? What kinds of knowledge and skills do students and citizens need in a changing society?
  • How do we ensure that our secondary vocational education and higher education systems are geared to the future? How do we create more scope for talented learners, and for various kinds of open and online education? What do lifelong learning and internationalisation mean in practice?
  • What role can education and youth work play in integrating migrants and refugees? How can we convey our common values and combat radicalisation?

A conference entiled “Vocational Education and Training – skills for a lifetime” will take place on 16-17 February in Amsterdam, following the meeting of VET Director-Generals. The conference ‘Skills for a Lifetime’ will focus on three themes that Europe wants to inspire and encourage: excellence, lifelong learning and internationalisation. The main purpose is to showcase best practice and bring together people who work in industry, innovation and education.

Given the growing pace of change in the world of work, they will consider how skills that meet the requirements of the labour market can be learnt and maintained both during initial vocational training and during a person’s working life.

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