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Last 7th and 12th of June 2015, a delegation of 17 participants of Xarxa FP cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Reus, Gandia, Mislata and Alcoi) visited the city of Breda as part of the second flow of the Educating Professionals on European VET Systems (EDPROFS) Erasmus + Project, comprised within the key action aimed at Mobility of VET Professionals and Staff from VET centres and other education agents of the Spanish city members of Xarxa FP.

The objective of the project aimed at both teachers of the specialization of Transport & Logistics and International Trade to get to know and understand the Dutch general education system and VET system; the competences and organizations involved in VET; the political implication in VET, and the profile and type of studies within the professional area of Transport, Logistics and International Trade in the Netherlands, among other subjects.

The delegation was kindly hosted by the Municipality of Breda and ROC West Brabant, both partner organizations of Xarxa FP, and experienced a full-time program visiting VET schools (ROC West-Brabant, BLOM Logistic Educational Centre, Florijn College, RDM Campus, NHTV – Logistics Knowledge Distribution Centre and AVANS Hogeschool) companies and associations such as Holmatro, Amgen and Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) as well as logistics hubs like Port of Rotterdam, Port of Moerdijk and Via Breda Information Centre (new train terminal). After the accomplishment of this second and last flow of the EDPROFS Erasmus + Project in The Netherlands, the Secretariat General of Xarxa FP is planning to organize a dissemination event on the participants’ experience and lessons learned both in Denmark and the Netherlands by the end of 2015.

For more information about the the EDPROFS Erasmus + Project please contact the Secretariat General of Xarxa FP.

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