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Barcelona, October 26, 2023 – In a final event held in Barcelona, the Erasmus + Logistics VET Hub project proudly showcased its groundbreaking accomplishments in the realm of vocational education and training for the logistics sector in Europe.

The Event Highlights:

  • Opening Remarks: The event received a distinguished start with welcoming addresses, starting with Miquel Nadal, the Director General of Cercle d’Economia.
  • Notable Welcoming Addresses: Eminent personalities, including Enric Vinaixa, Secretary of Labor from the Department of Business and Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Jordi Castillo, Secretary General of Xarxa FP, and Francesc Bonada, Head of Organization and Sustainability at the Port of Barcelona, graced the occasion with their insights.
  • Presentation of Project Results: Angel Tarriño and Victoria San Juan, representing the Observatori de l’FP, Fundació BCN Formació Professional, took the stage to unveil the project’s results. They offered a comprehensive perspective on the project’s outcomes and an exploration of the future of vocational education in the European logistics sector.
  • Best Practices in Vocational Education: The event also included a captivating session dedicated to sharing best practices in vocational education for the logistics sector across Europe. Esteemed experts, including Angel Tarriño, Leo Dercksen, Anni Leosk, Hannu Uimaniemi, Ellinor Berglund, and Maria Manuel Casal, shared their invaluable insights. The session was adeptly moderated by Sol Bermejo, a projects coordinator at Xarxa FP.
  • Interactive Q&A: Attendees actively engaged in an interactive Q&A session, gaining the opportunity to pose questions to the presenters and receiving informative responses.
  • Closing Address: Lorenzo Di Pietro, the Director General of Barcelona Activa, brought the event to a thoughtful close with his closing remarks.

The event’s conclusion at 12:00 PM marked the end of a day filled with knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the exchange of insights and best practices in vocational education within the logistics sector across Europe.

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