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In the framework of the European Vocational Skills Week 2020, the European Commission has launched a call to reward committed people, organisations and outstanding projects in Vocational Education and Training.

The VET Excellence Awards are a great opportunity to showcase your organisation or share your passion and commitment to vocational education and training.


European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) Apprentices

This award aims at identifying excellence regarding the supply, quality, image and mobility of apprenticeships. It is open only for members of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships. Deadline 31/08/2020. More information

Training at Work

This award aims at giving visibility to good practices of career-long professional learning in enterprises. Deadline 31/07/2020. More information


Innovative VET Provider

This award aims to identify a European VET provider that has contributed to VET excellence through innovative practices. For 2020, this award category will also include a special award for distance and e-learning solutions for VET providers that use or develop VET content for distance learning in an innovative way. This has been shown to be particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Deadline 28/08/2020. More information

Teacher and Trainer

This award aims to identify a VET teacher or trainer who has excelled in improving the VET learning experience or has contributed to innovative approaches to VET learning. Deadline 28/08/2020. More information


The purpose of this award is to mobilise VET learners throughout Europe to showcase what VET means for them through a series of photos and, optionally video. Teams are expected to produce an original photo story on Vocational education and training: your green or digital skills story. Prizes include trips to the European vocational skills week 2020 in Berlin or to the 61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival, and Interrail tickets. Deadline 15/09/2020. More information

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