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The Secretariat has visited both cities during the month of November to assess their candidatures to become members of Xarxa FP.

Lublin is the largest city in Eastern Poland and the 9th in Poland, counting with a population of around 365 000. The city has 17 Vocational Education and Training (VET) Schools, 5 Universities and is very keen to promote its internationalisation.

Noé Viedma visited the city on 21st of November and met with representatives from the Municipality and from fourteen Vocational Colleges. During the meeting Mr Viedma presented Xarxa FP activities and structure and gave participants advice and support in order to encourage them to apply for membership.


Meeting in Lublin, Poland, 21/11/2018

On 27th of November Mr Viedma also visited Herning, a Danish city situated in the middle of the Jutland peninsula with a population of around 90 000. The city is Denmark’s center for international events and counts with two Vocational Colleges. Herningsholm is the biggest VET Centre and very keen to promote the internationalisation of their students and teachers. During his stay in Herning, Mr Viedma met with the CEO and Erasmus Coordinator of Herningsholm, visited the two VET Colleges of the city and met with representatives from the Municipality.

Herning has officially applied for membership and will present its candidature during next Xarxa FP General Assembly, which will take place on 5th of February 2019 in the city of Barcelona.

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