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Between the 22nd and 26th of October of 2018, a delegation of 14 VET staff from Xarxa FP cities in Barcelona, Alcoi, Madrid, Mislata and Reus participated in a job-shadowing group visit to Lisbon with the main aim to learn from the Portuguese Education and VET System and policy strategies to deal with and tackle Early School Leaving (ESL) at the school/community, local and national level.

This was the second and last flow of the Erasmus+ project Attracting Teachers Learning in European Systems (Atelieurs) coordinated by Xarxa FP, aimed at promoting the internationalization of VET schools through the active participation of principals, head of studies and career-guidance staff in training mobilities across Europe.

Xarxa FP, along with member partners from the Department of Development and Training at the Lisboa City Council, co-organised and participated by visiting a number of ESL-related institutions such as the Higher Education school ESELx; Qualifica Program from the Lisboa City Council; Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP); National Program for Priority Intervention of Education Territories (TEIP) at Olaias School Group; center for education, training and certification at the Santa Casa da Misericórida de Lisboa; private school for German-inspired Dual system of DUAL Qualificaçao Profissional and Clube Intercultural Europeu, a community based education program for youth focused on tackling ESL and key partners of TEIP in social housing environment.



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