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The Logistic VET Hub partners finally met in person last 16th and 17th of June in Groningen for the 2nd project meeting hosted by Alfa College departments in Hoogeveen and Hardenberg!

During the meeting, partners were presented the first results of the WP2 on the Present Scenario, undertaken between March and June: the contextualization and interviews to key experts of the logistic sector and the identification of existing best practices to promote VET logistics in every country. Next steps will be to start with the following WP3 on Future Scenario to identify which professional profiles will be most demanded according to the future trends and sector needs over the upcoming years.

As part of the program, participants were also visiting two key logistic companies such as Wehkamp (second most important e-commerce warehouse in The Netherlands) and Distrivers (wholesale and entire value chain of fresh meals for healthcare institutions), and Open Day’ science exhibition for students, as well as the Alfa College location KARGo! to study Transport & Logistics or Automotive Engineering, so that to get a hint of the the logistics sector in the Netherlands.

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