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Students’ Training Activity “Hands-on Learning Experiences on the Future of VET Logistics” 

Next week, a group of 18 VET logistic-related students from Barcelona, Lisbon, Skelleftea, Groningen, Kuopio and Rovaniemi will be participating in a weekly training activity between the 10th and 15th of September 2023 in Tartu (Estonia).



The objective of the activity will be to make students to experience how are transforming the academic curriculum to match the business needs of the logistic companies. All in all, students will have the opportunity to observe the possibilities of having a career in this sector and the promising future of VET logistics.

Project partners in Barcelona, Lisbon, Groningen, Tartu, Kuopio and Rovaniemi have participated in the selection process of participants according to specific criteria such as average grade course, level of English, knowledge and/or professional experience in the logistic sector and motivation.

The resolution of the selected students will be published soon.


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