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The Logistics VET Hub Students’ Training Activity, jointly organized by Tartu Vocational College and Xarxa FP, provided participants with a week filled with valuable experiences:

Welcome and Introduction: The event commenced with a warm welcome at Tartu VOCO. Attendees were introduced to the program and engaged in ice-breaking activities, fostering a friendly atmosphere.

Exploring Tartu: Participants had the opportunity to explore Tartu, including a campus tour and a guided sightseeing tour, immersing themselves in the local culture.

Workshops and Industry Visit: Educational workshops led by teachers Olga Lugina and Anni Leosk expanded participants’ knowledge. A visit to Scania offered a firsthand look at the logistics industry.

Häkaton Challenge: A day of innovation and teamwork as participants tackled logistics challenges, honing their problem-solving skills.

Technical Professions Day: VOCO hosted a hands-on experience focused on technical professions, allowing participants to gain deeper insights into the logistics field.

Conclusion and Certification: The week concluded with a feedback session, certification distribution, and a group photo, marking the end of a week of learning and growth.

Special thanks to Tartu Vocational College for organizing this enriching opportunity. The Logistics VET Hub Students’ Training Activity provided participants with not only valuable knowledge but also the chance to forge meaningful connections and experience diverse cultures.

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