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From September 11 to 15, 2023, a delegation of teachers from Skellefteå had the opportunity to participate in various activities thanks to the collaboration with different centers and entities in Barcelona. Below are some of the activities carried out during their visit:

Visit to schools: During their stay, the delegation had the opportunity to visit two schools in Barcelona: INS Salvador Seguí and INS Ferran Tallada. These visits surely allowed them to learn about the educational system and pedagogical practices in Barcelona.

Meeting with the International Projects and Management team: The delegation met with the team in charge of international project management. This meeting could have been used to discuss possible collaborations and educational projects between Skellefteå and Barcelona.

Meeting with Social Integration students (TIS): Several meetings were held with students of the Social Integration program (TIS). These meetings could have included exchanges of experiences and discussions about training and social work.

Visit to the TAP residence (ASSA): The delegation visited the TAP (ASSA) residence, which could have provided an insight into the facilities and services related to social assistance in Barcelona.

Visit to the social entity Entitat Sant Camil: During their stay, the delegation also had the opportunity to visit the social entity Entitat Sant Camil, specifically the Sant Camil School Workshop and the Occupational Center. This visit would have allowed the teachers to learn about programs and activities related to social and occupational integration.

In summary, the visit of the delegation of Skellefteå teachers to Barcelona, was full of educational activities and collaboration with different institutions and entities related to education and social integration.




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