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Munich, October 18, 2023 – In a remarkable display of international collaboration and innovation, representatives from various European cities gathered in Munich for the Xarxa FP Executive Committee meeting.

The afternoon commenced with a warm welcome from Mrs. Maria Jesús Cervero, President of the Xarxa FP . Mrs. Cervero’s opening remarks set the stage for a day filled with discussions and insights that would shape the future of Xarxa FP. Jordi Castillo, General Secretariat of Xarxa FP, provided an overview of the day’s agenda, emphasizing the significance of the scheduled activities and then proceed to get into the matter.

During the morning of 19th of October, 2023 took place the session of the Mobility Managers meeting. An overview of 2023 projects, including updates on international mobility and  innovative initiatives through Erasmus + KA2 projects. Participants were also briefed on the developments within Xarxa FP’s workspace, underlining the commitment to optimizing resources for better outcomes.

The highlight of the morning session was a discussion on the good practices of European cities.



Munich, Toulouse, Viborg and Alcoi  shared their experiences and insights into international mobility within basic vocational education and training, showcasing the diversity and richness of vocational education across the continent.

Furthermore, an exemplary collaboration under the Xarxa FP umbrella was presented, demonstrating the power of the network in fostering cooperative initiatives.

As the meeting continued, a group activity encouraged attendees to interact and exchange ideas, fostering connections and cooperation among participants. The day’s activities culminated in a “speed dating” activity, providing a platform for networking and building relationships.

As the event concluded, Mrs. Maria Jesús Cervero expressed her gratitude to all participants for their dedication to the cause of enhancing vocational education and their active role in making the Xarxa FP  Meeting in Munich 2023 a resounding success.

After the meeting and the next day, the participants visited several renowned VET centers in Munich.

These visits involved engaging with principals, teachers, and students, providing valuable insights into current and future technical education.

The meeting exemplified the power of unity among European cities in advancing vocational education and fostering innovative initiatives. As cities continue to collaborate and exchange best practices, the future of vocational education in Europe appears promising and robust. Xarxa FP’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering, as the network continues to drive positive change in vocational education and training across the continent.


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