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Last 20-21 October Xarxa FP participated at the European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2016, which took place in Brussels and gathered more than 300 key stakeholders, including national, regional and other public authorities, educational institutions and learning providers, student and youth organisations, civil society organisations, social partner organisations and business.

This year’s Forum focused on how to best deliver on the New Skills Agenda for Europe adopted by the Commission on 10 June 2016. The Agenda proposes Ten Actions to tackle skills challenges in Europe, with the aim of making skills more visible and improving their recognition at local, national and EU levels, from schools and universities to the labour market.

Participants discussed the role of education, training and youth stakeholders in implementing such actions and suggested future initiatives to be included in the Agenda. Particular attention was given to the review of the 2006 Recommendation on Key Competences for lifelong learning, to be released at the end of 2017.

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