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Xarxa FP held its XVIII General Assembly last 14th of February in Barcelona, gathering more than 40 representatives from 21 European cities. During the General Assembly (GA) participants reviewed the results of the network in 2016, discussed new actions and projects for 2017 and welcomed three new cities: Brussels (Belgium), Lisbon (Portugal) and Tartu (Estonia).


2016: a new record in mobilities

A total of 397 mobilities have been managed by Xarxa FP cities in 2016, setting a new record in the history of the network.

During 2016 the network managed 236 internships for students and 161 training activities for VET teachers and professionals, the best performance by far in the history of the network. The previous record was set in 2012 with 366 mobilities (+31 in 2016).

A total of 20 cities participated in mobility actions in 2016, with three cities coping more than half of all mobilities done within Xarxa FP network (sending and hosting): Barcelona managed 215 mobilities (27,1%); Munich 123 (15,5%) and Berlin 96 (12,1 %).

Xarxa FP network: 26 cities from 11 European countries

With the incorporation of Brussels, Lisbon and Tartu Xarxa FP membership enlarges to 26 cities from 11 European countries.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of Europe to some extent, will offer internships and training opportunities on Business and Administration, Teacher Training, Health Care, Electronics and        Arts.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, counts with 500.000 students and about 60 VET Schools, offering training opportunities in almost all relevant economic sectors.

Tartu, the second largest city of Estonia, is often considered the intellectual centre of the country; it hosts the main general, vocational and higher educational institutions in Estonia. In particular, Tartu Vocational Education Centre is the largest vocational training centre in Estonia offering different types of vocational training to over 3500 students in vocational education and additional 3500 adults participating in different professional courses annually.

GA 2017

VET Innovation

A part from carry on working on improving the quality and quantity of VET Mobility and contributing to the design of VET policies, the GA also discussed the development of new projects in the field of cooperation for innovation, exchange of good practices and strategic partnerships. Industry 4.0 and Early School Leaving (ESL) are some of the topics that members decided to work on from 2017 onwards.

Munich elected new President of Xarxa FP until 2021

María Jesús Cervero, from the city of Munich, was appointed as new President of the network until 2021. She is replacing Mr Salvador Almenar, representative of Mislata, President of Xarxa FP from 2012 until 2017. Moreover, Berlin, Toulouse and Alcoi were elected as new members of the Executive Committee, replacing Breda, Mislata and Sète.

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