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The mobility records from 2015 show an impressive increase in teachers’ mobility (+514%), setting a new record in the history of the network.

Xarxa FP, the European reference organisation on VET mobility, managed a total of 356 mobilities in 2015, the second best indicator in the history of the association. This is particularly explained by the massive increase of teacher’s mobility in the recent year, going from 27 in 2014 to 139 in 2015, the best performance by far of staff mobility in the history of the network.

In regards to student’s mobility, the network managed 217 student’s work placements. A total of 18 cities participated in mobility actions for students in 2015, with three cities coping more than half of all mobilities done within Xarxa FP network: Barcelona managed 101 student placements (23% of all mobilities), Roma managed 70 (16%) and Munich 63 (15%).

Over the year 2015, Xarxa FP cities moved students from almost all type of VET studies. Students of Hostelry, Hospitality and Tourism (56) and Administration and Management (46) still being by far the largest groups sent, as it was the case in 2014. Other active fields in 2015 have been Socio-cultural and Community Services (20), Trade and Marketing (14), Arts & Design and Computer Science and Communication (12).

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