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Last Friday 20th of February, the “Barcelona orienta” agreement was signed, whose objective is to integrate the vocational orientation as a key element into the political agenda to achieve the goals set in the European Strategy 2020 for education, training and vocational orientation. This event was held in the Hall of Chronicles in the Barcelona City Council and chaired by the Councillor for Education and Universities, Mr. Gerard Ardanuy. The event was the first step to pave the way for further development and is supported by different municipal departments and authorities, groups of the municipal opposition, by the Education Consortium of Barcelona (CEB), by the Barcelona District Council (Diputació de Barcelona) and by more of 50 organizations, universities, foundations, public and private institutions and administrations, such as Xarxa FP. It should be mentioned that the Barcelona VET Foundation (Fundació Barcelona FP), the entity that represents the city of Barcelona in our network, has been one of the driving forces within this agreement. Such document embodies the commitment to promote a serie of measures to reduce early school leaving in the city and therefore to encourage school success, to promote citizen participation in processes of professional development and to improve the employability of locals in Barcelona.

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