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In 2019 Xarxa FP managed 756 mobilities: 539 concerning students and 217 training actions for teachers, the second best mark in the history of the network.

VET Mobility Report 2019 compiles the most interesting facts and figures about the mobilities developed by Xarxa FP members.

During 2019 the network managed 539 mobility actions for students, the best performance in the history of the network (29 mobilities more than in 2018) and 217 training activities for VET teachers and professionals.

This is particularly explained by the increase of membership. Since 2015 when the new team at the Secretariat took office, the membership has gone from 21 members to 33 in 2019 (+11 new member cities).

Mobility 2014 2019

The most common type of mobility is still being individual internships in a company, counting for more than 60% of Xarxa FP students. The rest of students took part in group-study visit mobilities.

Xarxa FP cities moved students from all different type of vocational studies. Students of Hostelry, Hospitality and Tourism (111) were the largest group, followed by Administration & Management (94) and Trade & Marketing (83) students as usual.

Most of Xarxa FP students were studying EQF 4 courses in 2019 (41.6%), followed by Higher VET (33.2%) and Initial VET students (23.4%).

Mobility improves the professional and technical skills of our youngsters but also the personal and language skills highly valued by the labour market. As highlighted in our Mobility Impact Study, these skills, along with the acquisition of knowledge of foreign work cultures, adaptability to new contexts and self-confidence, have proven to be the key of the present and future employability of our international students.

A total of 29 cities participated in mobility actions in 2019, with five cities coping almost 60% of all mobilities done within Xarxa FP network (sending and hosting): Barcelona (ES) managed 285 mobilities; Zwolle (NL) 166; Munich (DE) 158; Alcoi (ES) 157 and Viborg (DK) 135.

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