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In the last General Assembly Xarxa FP members approved the Strategic Plan of the Association for the upcoming five years. The network will in general carry on developing the same strategic priorities as in the previous plan (VET MOBILITY, VET INNOVATION & VET POLICY) but a new objective has been added: to work towards the development of international mobility for VET learners and staff beyond Europe, in line with the future Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027.

The mission of Xarxa FP is to improve quality of Vocational Education and Training (VET) across Europe by developing common mobility strategies among cities aimed at VET students and professionals and by promoting the exchange of good practices and strategic partnerships through international VET projects.

Through its Strategic Plan, Xarxa FP seeks to become a reference organisation within the area of European VET Learning Mobility and to contribute to the development of the European Education Area. Each strategic objective breaks down through several actions linked to key performance indicators (KPI) as described in the annual work plans approved by the General Assembly.

strategic plan 2021 2025

Evaluation of Strategic Plan 2016-2020

During the General Assembly the previous strategic plan objectives were reviewed and evaluated according to the KPI indicators established in 2016.

  1. Enhance VET mobility quality procedures and methodologies

The ISO 9001 quality certification for the management of international VET mobility of students and teachers was renewed until 2022. Moreover, two editions of the Mobility Impact Study were produced, which analyses the effects of mobility on the employability, career prospects and competences of Xarxa FP students.

  1. Increase the number of mobility actions for both VET students and teachers/staff

The initial target of increasing 5% of the number of mobility actions by 2020 was widely exceed: Xarxa FP increase 93,18% the student mobility flows and 34,78% the staff ones (2019). The management of various Erasmus KA102 projects on Teachers mobility and of the TLN Mobilicat Youth Guarantee project were key to achieve such results, together with the great increase in membership.

  1. Development of a proactive strategy to incorporate new Xarxa FP members

The initial target of increasing 5% of the number of members by 2020 was also widely overcome: Xarxa FP went from 23 members in 2016 to 35 in 2020.

  1. Develop strategic partnerships through international VET projects

Xarxa FP is currently coordinating two Erasmus KA2 projects partnering with other members of the network: the Industrial VET Hub (2018) and the Port VET Hub (2019). We are also a dissemination partner in the PELE project, coordinated by our members from Rovaniemi (FI). Moreover other KA2 and Europe for Citizens project proposals were developed until 2020.

  1. Build up Xarxa FP’s public affairs profile and work towards its recognition as a European stakeholder

In 2016 Xarxa FP joined the European Alliance for Apprenticeships and participated in several European VET policy events and consultations.

  1. Develop an expertise on EU VET policies within the Secretariat General

In 2016 we have created a specific webpage about EU VET Policy and widely disseminated information about EU VET policies, events, funding, opportunities and latest research to our membership through our website, intranet and social media.

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